Pollution Report (POLREP)

Pollution Report (POLREP)

Det anbefales udfærdige POLREP på engelsk.

1. The pollution reporting system is for use between Contracting Parties to exchange information when a pollution of the sea has occurred and when a threat of such is present.

2. The POLREP is divided in 3 parts:

a. Part I or POLWARN (POLlution WARNing)
gives first information or warning of the pollution or the threat.

b. Part II or POLINF (POLlution INFormation)
gives a detailed supplementary report as well as situation reports.

c. Part III or POLFAC (POLlution FACilities)

Beskrivelses findes i manualen pkt. 3.1.4 Pollution Reporting (POLREP)